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Having a baby after 35...is...tiring.

The older we get, the more rigid we become in our views and opinions about life and living in general. Of course, those above 30 do rack up many an experience, both good and bad, which also goes a long way in shaping the thought processes.

By 35, a person more or less knows which way he/she is headed in terms of family life, career, social life, etc. and can make decisions pertaining to family life. That said, bringing a baby into this world is no easy feat, and one must be prepared for new responsibilities and changes galore.


Foods that increase fertility

Pregnancy is a very complex phenomenon that requires extra care, nutrients, additional vitamins, a better lifestyle, and so forth. But before pregnancy occurs, you have to be healthy and fit to be able to conceive, and this is where diets and foods play a big role.

There is no specific diet that will help you get pregnant because your getting pregnant is not dependant on the food you eat (if only it were that easy!). However, eating right will get all your systems working so you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. So here is an overview of nutritional ingredients in foods that increase fertility.


Pregnancy over 35: pregnancy risks

A lot has been said on the subject of pregnancy over 35, leaving many of us wondering just how much of it is based on facts. For starters, there are those who believe that anyone who conceives after 35 is bound to require fertility treatments. Or worse, give birth to mentally retarded children. And of course, there are those who fall on the other extreme, who end up throwing the baby with the bath water. While modern-day medicine has done a lot to alleviate age-related risks, it’s important to be aware of just what kind of risks you’re opening yourself to, when you decide to postpone your baby plans.